Joshua Tree- Reminding to breath

Walk Slowly (Danna Faulds) “It only takes a reminder to breathe, a moment to be still, and just like that, something in me settles, softens, makes space for imperfection. The harsh voice of judgment drops to a whisper and I remember again that life isn't a relay race; that we will all cross the finish line; that waking up to life is what we were born for. As many times as I forget, catch myself charging forward without even knowing where I'm going, that many times I can make the choice to stop, to breathe, and be, and walk slowly into the mystery.”

Walk Slowly - Danna Faulds

It only takes but a moment to decide to pause; to find a few satisfying conscious breaths that have the power and potential to completely shift your present moment perspective during any given day.

This can be done at your desk , on your commute to or from work, on a stressful or frustrating phone call, while arguing or fighting with your partner or even during an intense sport you might be playing. First thing is having the awareness or understanding that you are in need or desire those few good deep breaths to create that conscious mental shift; that’s probably the most difficult piece, the knowing you need it and know it’s immediate benefits! Second is the willingness to take the very short time it takes to pause or shift your attitude or feeling into something different, a more peaceful and grounded mindset, calm perhaps.  It’s completely up to you.

In this particular photo above, I wasn’t feeling stressed or frustrated at all. While driving through the Joshua Tree National Park, I began to feel so grateful for and amazed by how insanely gorgeous and powerful the area felt. So we pulled the car over and walked a bit, I saw an opportunity to sit down on the earth and take it all in! This is another one of those moments we can be aware of, those moments that if you are paying attention, have your eyes and heart open, we can pause to take a few deep breaths, those breaths can bring you to the present moment feeling that feeling of WOW, isn’t it great to be alive?! Not as a thought or a quote or any kind of cliche, but to feel it so deep down in your body and in your bones that you can’t help but to take advantage of the gifted moment in your life! With every deep breath, focus on the freeing and extended exhale grounding you into this special moment in time you stopped to participate fully in :)

You don’t have to be stressed or frustrated, or to be in some beautiful place to ‘pause and breathe’. In fact a good practice might be to use this tool in your everyday ordinary moments. While sitting at dinner with your family, or helping your child with homework, in a casual conversation with a friend; your daily moments can be special and worth pausing for too. The practice of being in awe and grateful for all things, the highs and the lows, ups and downs and everything in between; it’s all worth our attention. Take a deeeep inhale and follow it with a long exhale. Thanks for reading!

TRAVELRobert Sidoti