Tulum Yoga Retreat 2019


Last week I lead a yoga retreat group in Tulum Mexico, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time now!

Chuck Raffoni assisted me and Larisa Stinga took some great photos of everyone enjoying their time there.

Yes Tulum has grown A LOT! Especially since my first visit back in 93/94, and several more since then. Yes there are several things about the area I could complain about, especially if I compare it to how it once was. But I won’t be doing that!

The guests who had never been there before (almost all of them) absolutely loved it and appreciated it for what it offered them, seeing the area with fresh eyes having no prior history or expectations for what it once was:) Roberto Hernandez, owner and operator of Shambala Petit Hotel hosted us, awesome property and location! It is located directly on the beach in the center of Tulum beach strip. Every single room is steps away from the ocean, especially the yoga room! Once on the property, besides some super chill spots next door and nearby, you really feel isolated and secluded (in a good way), separate from what can be a loud and busy street.

There are super quality full body massage offerings to the left and right of the property for $40 an hour. Everyone who got one enjoyed and said they were worth much more. 
There are fun dance and nightlife opportunities to take advantage of as well; Plenty of nearby Cenote's and Mayan Ruins to visit too! 

There were several days with zero seaweed in the ocean, enjoyed that amazing Caribbean clear water; then there were days toward the end of the stay where there was a lot of seaweed, not ideal and definitely an issue there still. Shambala did a great job in clearing what they could from the beach but Mother Nature is not one to battle with:)

Yoga twice a day was perfect; morning classes were energizing and vibrant while the afternoon classes were geared for relaxation and meditation if you chose. Most of the guests mixed in long ocean swims, runs and walks on the beach along with afternoon naps and reading; and a few cocktails were mixed in :)

Looks like I’ll be booking for next year Week of Feb 15Th-21st, 2020!

Check out the details HERE and book if you’re interested!