As a yoga instructor, one of the offerings I enjoy most are leading retreats! Especially retreats in beautiful locations around the world. Retreats offer the student or practitioner the opportunity to dive in a little deeper to their practice, refine alignment, learn new tools for meditation or breath work, travel and to simply relax and enjoy the people and location. I’ve been leading International yoga retreats for 7 years now and have a good sense of how I personally like offering or hosting them but am open to working with other instructors who might compliment what I bring to the experience, have some insights on different locations and as well bring new people into the fold.

Basically it’s just fun to do things with others and not worry about ‘my students’ or that there is not enough, there is plenty of everything to go around if you have that type of attitude … more is more! There are some locations that wouldn’t support 2 instructors and their students, but there are definitely some gorgeous with plenty of space retreat centers/locations to take advantage of! If you are interested and feel working with me would enhance or support what you offer, give me a shout and let’s talk it through! I will continue to do multiple events and retreats a year, but if anyone would like to work together and it can work, that just means more fun and good times all around!

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