Why Private (Group) Fitness/ Exercise Instruction:

  • Get in the best shape of your life!

  • Lose weight through dedicated specific ‘designed for you’ programming

  • Build muscle and  gain mobility/flexibility

  • Take care of your heart health. Cardio focused exercise

  • Improved Core stability

  • Improved Functional ‘Life/Primal’ Movements (squats, lunges, pushing, pulling, twisting, bending and gate)

  • Work safely around specific injury you may have

  • Specific to you training. We will work and train at your ‘level’ and ability, building stamina and strength progressively.

  • Can be so much fun!

  • Accountability on your end

    Types of workouts we can do to work toward your goal:

  • Body weight training (Circuit  training)

  • Body weight with dumbbells (Circuit training)

  • HIIT training w/Body weight moves, jump rope etc..

  • Fitness Yoga (adding weights is an option)

  • Kettlebells, weights (home gym)

  • Pilates Core work

  • Small Group Circuit training

My Approach

I will approach my getting to know you and our sessions with a ‘let’s see the whole picture’, HOLISTIC viewpoint. Everything is connected and has an affect on one thing or another, so if we are working really hard during our sessions and your food and water intake is poor, you’re not getting enough sleep, your mental state of being is agitated or maybe you’ve got  a lot of stress in your life, these things will counteract or prevent the work we do to take hold or to be as beneficial as they could be if all things were in balance. If these things are important to you, we can discuss how to bring them into balance for Optimal results!

I am a coach, a teacher and friend who is there to support your journey, to help guide you toward your goals, reminding you along the way that you are fully capable of much more than you might give yourself credit.

I will be there to guide and coach you safely and effectively through smart programming specific to you. I will gauge when it is necessary to push and encourage you beyond your comfort zone and know when to move you to the next progression of rep, weight or modification. Our sessions together will be fun and easy going and at the same time very focused and dedicated, leaving you feeling super energized, pumped and inspired to get your day started and to make the necessary shifts and changes in other areas of your life to live as Optimally and Happy as possible! Let’s take good care of ourselves, put in the hard work and never try to ‘fit in’ your yoga and exercise, make it a priority and part of your day, a lifestyle!

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Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.
— Earl Nightingale

What to expect:

  • I’ll come to your home or chosen location

  • Skilled, fun and professional personalized attention

  • Typical sessions are 1 hour (1 Hour 15 min first time)

  • 1st session we will take the time necessary to ‘get to know you’ (injuries, interests)

  • Have an awesome session, make good use of the time I’m there!

We will discuss what you can do on your own from this point or schedule more sessions.  My suggestion always is to do a minimum of 3 sessions, this way I can get to know your body and interests thus allowing me to better set you up with ongoing programming and sequencing you do on your own!

What to wear: (May seem obvious but it’s a question I get often)

It’s really up to you, just make sure they are comfortable. You know better than I your body temperature and how much you sweat or don’t sweat. For men it’s usually shorts and somewhat fitted t-shirt. Women tend to lean toward typical leggings or shorts, sports bra with t-shirt over. Your shoes of choice, try to use a pair of sneakers/trainers that don’t have super high soles, we want your feet to be as grounded and involved as possible.

**It is important to that you are conscious and aware of how you’ll move your body and how your clothes may or may not be revealing during the movements. For you to be super comfortable and confident during the session, take a moment to address this before the session.

Exercise Area/Space:

It’s completely up to you to find the best space around your home or property that best suits what we are doing and gives you some privacy or time away from distractions. Outside is great, a garage, basement etc…


This will depend on what our focus is. We can discuss what you may have at your house and what I can bring to meet the needs of the session/programming. Dumbbells, jump rope, mats, resistance bands and other exercise equipment could be required.

Definitely have water for yourself, stay hydrated always!  

Types of private sessions:

  • One on One

  • Small Groups

  • Family (All ages)

  • Wedding Parties

  • Couples


Let me know how I can help you!

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“As a certified yoga instructor, I am very conscious of it’s purpose in my life. It started as exercise and developed into a journey into myself that I didn’t expect. The practice to me has become meditative. So what about exercise? Rob Sidoti has masterfully combined the teachings of yoga into a kick your butt exercise model.

I spent several months last summer with friends, family great exercise equipment, music to get you going, and Rob Sidoti to motivate! Great workouts! Funny antidotes, and sweat!

Rob and his emojis pop up on my phone with a positive message or a check in that makes me smile and keeps me on track until our next session. A yoga instructor,

Broga instructor and personal trainer, he’s the man!”    Barbara Conroy

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