The Complete Power Yoga Masterclass Experience

A satisfying and fulfilling complete practice!

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This is a kick your ass (in the best way) kind of class! Once you lock in with your chosen intention, something you are setting your mind to with focus, kindness, gratitude and an ‘anything’s possible’ attitude! You will begin with very focused and powerful breathing exercises, move into slow yet dynamic stretching and warm up of entire body, move into more flow to heat the body up (Sun Sals), add strength, core exercises and cardio style moves to get you pumped and challenge your edge, smooth your way into some very upbeat HIIT, calm and ground with some balancing postures, slow the pace so to move into some grounding and stretchy postures and into an inversion of choice (Shoulderstand, headstand), begin to cooool the body down with some choice static postures to stretch and relax and finally move into your final relaxation pose!

All of this will be done with carefully crafted music to enhance and support your experience, clear, concise and super supportive cueing and language and the freedom for you to modify, shift, adjust as you feel necessary at any given moment! The whole experience is set up for you the practitioner to thrive, to grow, the transform and most of have fun and feel part of something special. 90 - 120 minutes suggested (If discussion or workshopping postures, add time) *Keep in mind the class will be very balanced and spread out, plenty of time to recover, transition and enjoy the experience :)

Movement.Strength. Inspiration

A Masterclass

“Find strength through movement; inspire change by challenging the norm.”


Life constantly demands change and movement. Change requires strength and motivation. Connecting to these things can feel stressful, uncomfortable, and sometimes overwhelming. In this workshop, we will explore ways to connect to an inherent strength through movement, and inspire change through challenging the norm. This practice will incorporate accessible yet challenging functional movement and yoga postures, breath work and awareness, and relaxation to bring the practitioner increased flexibility, mobility, and strength while releasing stress and tension. 

During this special extended session we will focus on what Robert loves to teach–incorporating a strong and accessible workout while including elements of a Broga Class, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin & Restorative Poses. Mind, Body and Spirit will be moved, strengthened and inspired leaving you feeling a heightened sense of awareness of inner vitality. **This can be adapted to fit a 90 minute or 2-3 hour format.

Broga® for Athletes

“Learn how yoga can help improve athletic performance.”

yoga for sports

An incredible weekend intensive suitable for the Yoga novice or experienced teacher. Robert will teach the basics of postures targeted towards athletes’ needs while offering tips for cuing, modifying and adjusting for all levels. Yoga postures can even out muscle imbalances resulting from position-specific repetitive motion found in all sports. The weekend will provide tools to improve performance, stamina and endurance while reducing injury.

Robert, at 45, is an example of how attention to breath work and positive psychology can keep athletes on the playing field longer. Divided into two 4 Hour Sessions over the course of a weekend, this specialized session will benefit Yoga Teachers, Players, Physical Education Teachers & Coaches. 90min, 2hr, 3hr, 8hr (2day) formats.

Grounded Flight: A Balance & Inversion Workshop

“Every BODY can defy gravity.”


Balance is a word we hear everywhere. We all strive for balance in our lives, and sometimes we literally need to turn our perspective upside down. In order to achieve balance, one must have a laser focus and active effort to maintain stability. Have you ever fallen out of Crow Pose? Headstand or handstand elude you? In this workshop, students will warm up to open the body, focus the mind, and connect to the breath. Working through various stages of preparation, key elements and benefits of featured balance or inversion postures will be workshopped.

This ensures each student gains the awareness needed when working towards a particular posture, and offers freedom to stop at any stage of progression to explore. Options will be given to accommodate a wide range of experience in this accessible, challenging, and fun workshop. 90 min, 2 hour, and 3 hour formats.